Arthur Ashe on Tennis

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    Arthur Ashe On Tennis: Strokes, Strategy, Traditions, Players, Psychology, and Wisdom — written by Ashe with Alexander McNab and featuring introductions by Billie Jean King, Lori McNeil, John McPhee and George Vecsey — is a collection of tennis-related wisdom, covering everything from technical instruction and equipment to the game’s mental aspects and top players.

  • First Edition. By Arthur Ashe with Alexander McNab. Published March 1995 by Knopf. Hardcover. 143 pages.

A Legacy That Transcends Tennis

A Legacy That Transcends Tennis

Arthur Ashe stood at the nexus of sport, culture and politics, and exemplified the power of grace through his sportsmanlike approach to all on- and off-court matters. His tennis-related achievements were only a small part of his life’s story, paling in comparison to what he considered his most important endeavors: affecting social change and extending opportunity and dignity to all people.

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