Arthur Ashe Profile: Jaeda Daniel

Arthur Ashe Profile: Jaeda Daniel

We recently talked to American tennis player (and recent NCAA Division I Women’s Doubles champion) Jaeda Daniel about her career, accomplishments, and her connection with Arthur Ashe. Read the Q&A below, and shop the looks from the shoot at

Arthur Ashe: What does the name “Arthur Ashe” mean to you?

Jaeda Daniel: Social justice is the first thing that comes to mind. As an African-American myself, knowing how much he put into equality means a lot to me.

AA: How has your family supported your tennis career?

JD: My family is my support system and they have been the strongest pillars in my life — especially when it comes to my tennis career. Being a professional athlete is difficult, and particularly in tennis, where success is rarely linear, having undying support from family is what keeps me going in the tough moments.

AA: What are some achievements you’re most proud of?

JD: Graduating with my masters in textiles was a huge highlight for my life. Many people didn’t know how difficult the program was and how much work it took to complete it in the time frame I had, so once I officially finished, that achievement really stood out for me. As a tennis player, so far my favorite achievement would be winning the NCAA doubles tournament as well as playing in the US Open in 2022. Both of those have been highlights for me because it really was a culmination of all of the work that I, my family, and my coaches have put in to my career this far.

AA: Do you have a favorite piece from the Arthur Ashe collection?

JD: My favorite piece of the collection is the knit sweater with green and yellow trim [the Arthur Ashe Cable-Knit Tennis Sweater]. I love the material and I love the colors, particularly as a Jamaican woman!

AA: What would you like to tell your younger self?

JD: I would say to be patient. It’s so easy to get caught up in achieving things, but the journey is just as important. Relax and just trust that you’ll end up where you’re supposed to.

AA: How have you connected with the brand? What do you see for Arthur Ashe in the future?

JD: Being a part of this amazing project has been very exciting and the values of the brand really hit home for me. In the future I believe more people will connect with the brand and be supportive of the meaning behind it. I also see an extended active wear line in the Arthur Ashe brand collection worn by the many African American players on tour.

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