Arthur Ashe Profile: Hailey Wilcox

Arthur Ashe Profile: Hailey Wilcox

We recently sat down with B.C. tennis player Hailey Wilcox, who last year received the Welles Crowther Award for women’s tennis while going undefeated in singles at both the Brown and Harvard Invitationals. Read the Q&A below, and shop the looks from the shoot at

Arthur Ashe: What does the name “Arthur Ashe” mean to you?

Hailey Wilcox: When I hear the name “Arthur Ashe”, I am immediately reminded of his pioneering spirit and exceptional courage. Not only was Ashe an outstanding athlete, but he was also a tireless advocate for civil rights and social change. Ashe paved the way for more inclusivity in tennis and for other inspiring athletes, like Billie Jean King and Serena Williams, to speak up for their beliefs. Ashe exemplifies the true essence of sportsmanship — the ability to excel in your chosen field while maintaining a profound sense of humanity and societal responsibility.

AA: What can we hope to see from you in the future?

HW: Now that my days competing are over, I plan to contribute to the world of tennis from the sidelines. I’m passionate about mentoring young players and contributing to efforts to make tennis more accessible and inclusive. I will continue to advocate for equal treatment of college athletes and increased resources for student-athlete mental health by supporting organizations like AAAD Foundation.

Off the court, I’m excited about my next step: supporting the founders building world-changing technologies. Just as I was motivated to help my teammates succeed on the court, I am now excited to enter the venture capital industry to assist entrepreneurs from all backgrounds. Just as every point in a tennis match matters, every idea in the world of startups has potential.

AA: What are some achievements you’re most proud of?

HW: In 2022, I was awarded the Welles Crowther Award, given to an athlete who consistently demonstrates sacrifice and determination and inspires others through their example. Welles Crowther was a former Boston College lacrosse player working at the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. When the Twin Towers were attacked, Crowther saved as many as 18 people, continuously going back to guide more individuals to safety despite the extreme danger. He lost his life when the South Tower collapsed. As a soon-to-be Boston College graduate, Welles Crowther’s legacy resonates profoundly. Receiving an award dedicated to such a selfless and brave individual was a tremendous honor.

AA: Do you have a favorite piece from the Arthur Ashe collection?

HW: My favorite piece in the Arthur Ashe collection has to be the cable-knit sweater. Like the whole collection, it embodies Ashe’s timeless style and can be worn both on and off the court. I love versatile pieces that fuse sport and lifestyle.

AA: What motivates you?

HW: One of the most significant motivational tools in my life has been my sister, Kylie. The chance to play under her leadership when she was captain at Boston College was truly unique and inspiring. She has always exemplified hard work, perseverance, and a positive attitude. The sibling tennis rivalry, in a good way, has always pushed us to reach our potential.

AA: What would you like to tell your younger self?

HW: I would love to talk to myself before college. I’d tell myself not to sweat the small stuff and enjoy every moment.

Keep up with Hailey on Instagram (@haileywilcox) and shop the looks from the shoot at here.

Photos by @zoe35mm