Arthur Ashe Profile: Davie

Arthur Ashe Profile: Davie

Brooklyn-based musician Davie first broke onto the scene with singles “Black Gospel”, “Roll With Me” and “Walk That Walk” in 2017, leading to appearances with Lizzo and Selena Gomez and performances at Bonnaroo, ACL and Lollapalooza the next year. Following 2019’s successful mixtape Girls Raised in the South, Davie’s single “Testify” went on to amass over a million streams within a week of its release; the song, along with Davie himself, featured in a Wild Turkey commercial starring Matthew McConaughey. We recently chatted with the musician, who is “focused on creating music that brings joy globally.”


Arthur Ashe: What does the name “Arthur Ashe” mean to you?

Davie: I think of prestige. I think of excellence. Every image of him looks classic.

AA: What can we hope to see from you in the future?

D: I’m excited about being a part of this new, creative wave of resurgence NYC is going through. The energy feels great. I want to be an artist that everyone knows comes out of New York, reflects the sounds of New York.

AA: What are some achievements you’re most proud of?

D: Working with Matthew McConaughey on the Wild Turkey campaign never gets old.

AA: What’s your favorite piece from the Arthur Ashe collection?

D: I love the green long-sleeve polo [the Ashe Sport Logo Rugby Top]. I love that shade of green. It looks so fresh.

AA: What inspires your music? What helps you bring something new to it?

D: Living life. I’m a songwriter first and foremost. I have to live life!

AA: Is style important to you? How so? If not, why not?

D: Yes! Let me say that again — yes! I love to dress up, and sometimes look the opposite of how I may feel. Play a character for a day!

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